Small Business Videos

At Signal Films we tell your story. Our highly qualified videographers, writers, and editors help you produce a video that represents you and our competitive advantages by crafting a relatable story directed at your target market. Whether you need a branding video to tell your potential clients why you stand out from the rest, or a commercial for broadcast distribution, we will help you connect with your audience with a powerful video that tells your audience who you really are.



Below is only a sample of the kinds of videos we produce for small businesses. 


Branding Videos

Help your potential customers understand what makes you stand out from the crowd. Grow your business by showcasing your personality, your values and your competitive advantages through video storytelling.


Crowdfunding Videos
Your campaign video can make it or break it for you, and it can make people decide to contribute...or to keep scrolling. Stand out from the rest by having a high-quality video that highlights what makes your product different, and why people need it now!


Product Launch Videos
Let your clients know that you're are launching something new. A stellar video will help you catch the right kind of attention before your launch and can be used on multiple platforms such as social media, your website, etc. 


We revolutionize how commercials are done. We showcase your product or service in a way that will cut through the noise on social media and TV by adding value and entertaining the viewer while making your brand look captivating and communicating and showcasing your competitive advantages.


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