About Us

Signal Films is a high-end video production company that specializes in messaging and storytelling. Our team is an eclectic group of raconteurs from all corners of media and entertainment that will work with you from the earliest stages of pre-production until the very end of post-production and distribution.


Signal Films is driven by a passion for telling unique and engaging stories through the creation of digital media - This central focus fuels the development of all our projects across a range of media from documentaries to commercials and marketing web-series campaigns. Our work includes branded entertainment and advertising for multiple entities, stereographic 3D commercials, documentary shorts, and feature films. 


We also produce videos and live-stream events for organizations, big and small, including not-for-profits, NGOs, advertising agencies, financial institutions and government organizations.


Our team can help your video work within conventional media, social media, or both. Contact us, and learn how we can help you achieve your video messaging needs.