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About Us


Signal Films is a different kind of media company that will help tell your story and build your brand. Our team is an eclectic group of raconteurs from all corners of media and entertainment, including producers, directors, cinematographers, designers, consultants, writers, journalists, and strategists. We will work with you from the earliest stages of pre-production until the very end of post-production and distribution.


We began in 2012 with a simple goal: Tell stories. Ten years and hundreds of projects later, we have worked with clients worldwide, translating complex subject matter into powerful messaging for target audiences. 

We will help you and your team navigate the ever-changing digital media landscape, including projects for television broadcasts, social media, or anything in between. 


We specialize in everything from commercials to micro-documentaries that paint a picture of who you are to messaging and branding videos for websites, social media, and events. We also have expertise in educational videos for the government, economic and health sectors and comprehensive event coverage.

At our core, we are storytellers. We treat your business as our business. We look forward to building your team's vision into a reality. 



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